Quality Control – ATS Ammunition

Quality First

ISO certification ensures our manufacturing meets global quality standards, guaranteeing consistent, reliable rounds. CIP certification ensures compliance with international firearm safety regulations. Following MSDS guidelines enables transparent product information for safe handling and storage. Official NATO partner, registered with NsN code (caliber .223 – NsN 1305-54-000-0137; caliber 5.56 mm – NsN 1305-54-000-013; caliber 9 mm 115 gr – NsN 1305-54-000-0138; caliber 9 mm 124 gr – 1305-54-000-0140) & NCAGE Code (A098C).

Test Your Ammunition!


Precision Scanner

Experienced international Engineers and Ai control, make a serious Quality Testing during the entire production cycle with a Precision Scanner.

Visual Testing

Verified by scanner and digitalized into detailed cloud points, the output has a sharp precision of +/-99.94% accuracy. After an Expert eye-check, the product precision is almost 100%.

Factory Acceptance

Our clients are allowed to test their order with the latest equipment prior payment, to feel certainty in our products.

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