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About Us

ATS Ammunition is a company, part of ATS Group since July 2020.

ATS Group is a corporation based in the Republic of North Macedonia, with 500+ employees, and we bring together technology, wide range of high-quality composite ballistic products, and production of small-calibre ammunition.

All of our products are in line with NATO, EU and US standards.

By supplying military and law enforcement professionals all around the world – we always strive for perfection. For what we build we guarantee, we follow up and we offer training for end-users. ATS Ammunition, ex. SOUVENIR – Samokov was established in 1981. With over 40 years of tradition & experience with 500+ employees

Fully licensed small arms ammunition producer and trader. Facility Area of 300.000 m2 + 40.000 m2 Production Premises. Located in the Western part of the country (85km from the capital)

Ammunition production lines:
9 mm | 5,56 mm | 7,62 mm | 12,7 mm

Production capacity of over 200 million rounds of small caliber ammunition and 15 thousand in large caliber ammunition per year.

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