ATS Ammunition – Small caliber ammunition


ATS AMMO®, ex. SOUVENIR – Samokov was established in 1981. Back in 1824, the place use to be a regional smithy.

1981 officially starts with ammunition production and the new name of the factory is Samokov. After partnering with the italian company Panzera in 1987, becomes pyrotechnics producer. In 2010 ownership changed, so as the name in Samokov Sumbro.

ATS AMMO starts the factory in 2020, leveraging its extensive 40 years expertise in ammunition production. Within just a year, developed from 1 million rounds to 120 million per year.

After joining NATO Codification System in 2023, one year later excels new mile stone and increases the production to 200 million rounds per year. Mortar line production starts in 2025.

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