Advanced materials – ATS Ammunition

Behind every superior bullet performance, stands materials science. we combine lead with antimony, to create a specialized alloy, and increase the structural integrity and density of the bullet. the higher density allows enhanced kinetic energy transfer upon impact. the result is a higher weight-to-volume ratio, higher ballistics and increased stopping power.

Sustainable Practices

Recycling for Greener Tomorrow! Driven by the ability to offer our clients advantageous pricing, environmental and safety reasons, in ATS Ammunition, the brass leftover and defect products, and carefully collected and recycled to create new materials. It’s a way to responsibly dispose of these items, which can be hazardous if not handled correctly. Hydraulic oil is filtered and reused.


Production cycle fueled by LEAN design and customer-focused design process maximizes value and minimizes waste throughout the product development lifecycle.


Vertical movement is carefully planned for department collaboration, with flexible management of people, materials, and components throughout all process stages.


In-house components, independent from global supply chain. Strategic location favors resource efficiency and a skilled workforce, at a competitive price point.