May 13, 2024

We’re thrilled to share that our ammunition has received glowing praise from a respected firearms enthusiast.

In a recent online review by the YouTuber PrAKtikal Nurse, ATS 7.62 rounds stood out for their exceptional performance and affordability. “This ammunition is a good, good buy!” exclaimed PrAKtikal Nurse. “The ammo fits really well through the carbine. The brass looks really good. Pick up some of that ammo if you get a chance! This is one of the better 7.62 x 39 I`ve tried. Try it out! “.

PrAKtikal Nurse, known for his thorough and unbiased assessments, put our 7.62 rounds to the test in a variety of scenarios. We extend our gratitude for his honest evaluation and look forward to continuing to provide shooters with the highest-quality ammunition on the market.

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