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March 27, 2024



Who Uses ATS Ammunition?

With a diverse range of products tailored to meet the distinct needs of various user categories, ATS stands is the go-to choice for those who demand nothing but the best in ammunition solutions. As a trusted partner to military, law enforcement, VIP protection, and self-defense users alike, ATS Ammunition is offering tailored ammunition solutions that prioritize performance, reliability, and safety. Defending borders, upholding the law, protecting high-profile individuals, or ensuring personal safety, ATS Ammunition is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its customers and helping them achieve their missions with confidence.


Military Defence 

Ensuring Mission Success

In the realm of military defense, reliability is cardinal. ATS Ammunition stands as a trusted partner to armed forces around the globe, providing ammunition that meets the rigorous standards of military operations. Whether it’s standard-issue rounds or specialized ammunition for specific missions, ATS delivers products that soldiers can rely on when it matters most. From training exercises to combat situations, our ammunition is engineered to perform under the most challenging conditions, ensuring mission success and the safety of our servicemen and women.


Law Enforcement 

Supporting Those Who Serve and Protect

Law enforcement agencies require ammunition that offers uncompromising performance and precision. ATS Ammunition understands the unique demands of police work and is dedicated to providing law enforcement professionals with the tools they need to uphold public safety. Our range of ammunition includes options tailored to meet the diverse needs of police forces, from standard duty rounds to specialized ammunition for tactical operations. With ATS, law enforcement officers can trust that their ammunition will deliver the accuracy and stopping power required to carry out their duties effectively and safely.


VIP Protection 

Safeguarding High-Profile Individuals

When it comes to VIP protection, there’s no second chance. ATS Ammunition is proud to offer a range of specialized ammunition designed to meet the unique requirements of VIP protection teams. Whether it’s providing discreet yet effective ammunition for close protection details or supplying high-performance rounds for armored vehicles, ATS ensures that VIP protection personnel have the tools they need to mitigate threats and safeguard their clients. With ATS, VIP protection teams can have confidence in their ability to respond promptly and decisively to any situation.



Empowering Individuals to Protect What Matters Most

In an uncertain world, personal safety is first. ATS Ammunition is committed to empowering individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones with a range of self-defense ammunition options. From ammunition for maximum stopping power to bullets for reduced risk of over-penetration, ATS provides self-defense solutions that prioritize both effectiveness and safety. With ATS Ammunition, individuals can have peace of mind knowing that they have the means to defend themselves in any situation.


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