1 .1 – ATS / MK-21 | 9 x 19 mm BALL | 115 grains (7.5 g) – ATS Ammunition

1 .1 – ATS / MK-21 9 x 19 mm
BALL | 115 grains (7.5 g)

1 .1 – ATS / MK-21

9 x 19 mm LUGER – cartridge

The 9 x 19 mm LUGER has become the most popular caliber for law enforcement agencies and modern sports shooting because it can be used with a wide range of self-loading compact pistols and sub-machine guns with large magazine capacity.

9 mm LUGER – FMJ bullet

The full metal jacket bullets with lead core weigh
7.5 g. The jacket is made of CuZn10/30 and the bullet core is
made of PbSb.

9 x 19 mm LUGER– case

The caliber 9 x 19 mm CuZn30 case is designed to house the
powder charge, the primer, and the bullet.

Trade Licence: Light automatic fire arms with caliber up to 12,7 mm and automatic firearms with caliber inclusive 12,7 mm and ammunition for the same Missiles and guided missiles (for action on ground, in the air and in the sea) Military equipment (systems) for control of arms shooting of individual and collective character

Specialized combat vehicles
Electronic military equipment.
Specialized cameras, equipment, goods and services for the needs of intelligence and counterintelligence
Equipment for communication systems
Equipment for contra-diversion protection Air crafts and air equipment
Spare parts and services for maintenance of arms, implements and equipment