July 5, 2024

Safely improve your shooting skills with ATS® Dummy Ammo. Ideal for classroom training, practice loading/reloading, and diagnosing shooting issues. Emulates Live Ammo – Designed for military and law enforcement use. Ideal for malfunction drills and dry fire exercises, as they lack the hazardous primers, propellants, and explosive charges.

Uses of Blank Ammunition

ATS® Ammo’s blanks are designed to cater to a multitude of scenarios, including:

  1. Elite Training Programs: Elevating military and law enforcement drills by providing realistic, yet safe, training conditions.
  2. Cinematic Masterpieces: Enhancing film and theater productions with convincing sound and visual effects, bringing action scenes to life.
  3. Ceremonial Precision: Perfect for salutes, honor guards, and other formal events, adding a touch of authenticity and grandeur.
  4. Sporting Excellence: Essential for starting pistols in athletic events, ensuring a flawless and reliable start to races.

Hear from the Experts

Industry professionals and enthusiasts who have experienced ATS Ammo’s blanks are already impressed:

  • Captain Mark Williams, Tactical Trainer: “ATS® ammo blanks have revolutionized our training sessions, offering a perfect balance of realism and safety.”
  • Emily Carter, Film Producer: “The authenticity and reliability of ATS® ammo blanks have elevated our action sequences to new heights.”

The ATS Ammo Advantage

Blank ammunition, or blanks, are cartridges loaded with gunpowder but devoid of a bullet. When fired, they replicate the sound and flash of live rounds, making them indispensable for various applications where authentic gunfire effects are required without the risk of live ammunition.